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1). how to choose the suitable impregnated type core bits for drilling different hardness rocks?

Answer: we have ten grades of matrix, which is for drilling rocks from soft, medium to hard, superhard. Soft rocks including clay, sandstone, gypsum, talc, tuff, shale, serpentinite, calcite; Medium rocks including siltstone, limestone, marble, andesite, dolomite, reinforce concrete, porphyry; Hard rocks including basalt, pegmatite, gabbro, schist, norite, syenite, peridotite; Very hard rocks including amphibolite, diorite, gneiss, granite, rhyolite, quartzite, ironstone, taconite, jasperite, quartz, chert.

2). how to choose the suitable surface set type, tungsten carbide type, electroplated diamond type core bits and reaming shells for drilling different hardness rocks?

Answer: Soft rocks including clay, chalk, gypsum; Soft~Medium rocks including sand, shale, salt, hard shale, ice; Medium hard non abrasive rocks including sandy shale, shale, claystone, sandy limestone; Medium hard abrasive rocks including siltstone, alluvial dep, calcitic hard, shale; hard abrasive rocks including hard limestone, schist, serpentine; hard non abrasive rocks including hard schist, hard siliceous, dolomite, marble, syeite, diabase, pegmatite, hematite, magnetite; very hard rocks including gneiss, granite, basalt, diorite, gabbro, rhyolite, amphibolite; very abrasive rocks including conglomerate, taconite, abrasive quarzite, abrasive sand stone.

3). core bits crown profiles, waterway configurations, matrix height.
4). drilling parameters about influence factors of rotary speed, drilling pressure, flushing water.
5). diamond core bits size chart
6). reaming shells size chart
7). drilling rods and casing tubes size chart
8). packaging solutions for core bits, reaming shell and core barrels.
9). where to buy premium quality diamond core bits and core barrels from China?
10). wireline coring working principle and benefits in downhole drilling.
11). what is impregnated diamond core drilling bit?
12). features of impregnated diamond coring bits.
13). why impregnated diamond core bits are more beneficial?
14). choosing between impregnated diamond and surface diamond core bits.
15). importance of diamond casing shoe bits.
16). impregnated diamond casing shoes: superb coring performance.
17). impregnated diamond casing and casing shoe bits provide higher penetration rates and unmatched consistency.
18). surface set diamond reaming shells ensure hole diameter maintained constantly while drilling.
19). surface set diamond core bits - the cost-effective alternative.
20). surface set diamond core bits deliver ultimate drilling performance
21). surface set diamond casing shoe bits: best for relatively soft and abrasive formations
22). hard rock mining made simple by pdc cutter bits.
23). numerous benefits of working with impregnated diamond coring bits.
24). surface set diamond casing bits: high core recovery ratio.
25). main functions of core barrels.


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We export impregnated and surface set diamond core bits, diamond casing and casing shoe bits, reaming shells, core barrels, drilling rods, overshots to world wide countries, such as USA united states, Germany, UK united kingdom, Italy, France, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, South Africa, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Cyprus, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Danmark, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Switzerland, Ireland, Holand, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina etc.

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