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surface set diamond core bits deliver ultimate drilling performance

Surface set diamond core bits are mainly used for drilling formations that range from soft to hard sedimentary, although it would be more cost-effective to use impregnated diamond core bits for drilling through hard rock. The surface set diamond bits utilize specific sizes of diamond grits like 40/60 or 20/30 as well as specific quality. These two aspects are adjusted accordingly as this enables the bit to be designed and used for the right application.

Surface set diamond core bits are made available in both semi-round and step crown profiles. Furthermore, you can choose between CF waterways and FD waterways. The CF waterways alternative is suited for consolidated rock formation while the FD waterways are best for triple-tube core barrels. This design is employed to prevent the core from washing out especially in the soft formations. The step profile of the tools is used for thick kerf wireline and standard drill bits. It is mainly suitable for all types of formations, considering they offer more stability and a superb penetration rate. A semi-round profile on the other hand is mainly used in thin kerf wireline and conventional bits.

Our made surface set diamond core bits are designed and manufactured to meet the highest possible standards. As a result, the bits deliver ultimate drilling performance. The bits have a hard matrix that makes them suitable for all types of formations. They are manufactured using selected and highly processed diamonds. It is important to note that the surfaces of the diamonds are highly polished. The stones provide high-impact resistance and this can be attributed to the fact that they have undergone regular development over the years while being subjected to practical and rigorous field tests.

In a soft formation, bigger stones are used, which means few stones are used per carat. Harder formations on the other hand require smaller pieces of stones. This setting of patters is highly essential as it enables the bits to deliver long life and higher penetration rates. The settings additionally provide more adaptability to the formations that keep changing. All these characterize this particular bit.

We use the highest quality diamonds that are processed under stringent conditions. This makes the diamonds suitable for hard and soft formations. They are the most commonly used in the matrix. For this reason, they are mostly recommended for the hard sedimentary formations.

The diamond grade is one of the most critical aspects when it comes to selection of surface set diamond core bits. The diamond grade affects the price as well as the total meters that will be drilled. Consequently, this factor affects the cost/meter drilled. The number of stones is yet another important aspect that is often taken into consideration during selection mainly because it determines how well the bit will cut through different formations. The natural diamonds used in surface set diamond core bits are carefully selected and a very precise pattern is employed to set every single diamond on the cutting area. This ensures a proper overlap occurs with very minimal amounts of diamond as this keeps carat weight low. We supply a wide range of surface set diamond core bits with different profiles, different diamond sizes and grades to guarantee efficient cutting abilities for different types of rock formations.


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