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impregnated diamond casing and casing shoe bits provide higher penetration rates and unmatched consistency

The impregnated diamond casing and casing shoe bits are widely used in the mining industry for different applications. These tools are capable of delivering a high level of efficiency while being advanced through overburden layer. swift manufacturing ltd actually produces a wide range of impregnated casing shoes that are designed for use with virtually all casing rods.

The impregnated casing shoe should ideally be used during drilling of soft ground while connected to a casing tube. Furthermore it is well-suited for drilling through holes that have a high chance of collapsing anytime. The tool should be maintained below ground level.

The impregnated diamond casing and casing shoe bits are built using precisely selected synthetic diamonds supplied in mesh-size. The diamonds are distributed evenly and embedded into a powdered bond in the matrix and core of the drill bit. The impregnated diamond casing and casing shoe bits comprise of sintered-powdered metal crown fused together to the tool body made of steel. The powdered crown comprises of two separate layers namely: the matrix and backing layer. The matrix cuts through overburden while the section referred to as backing layer supports and offers protection to the gauge diameter when it encounters hard materials. Diamond crystals are uniformly placed across the volume of the matrix. Note however that this property is not applied to its backing layer.

Wear pads acquired from tungsten-carbide and synthetic diamond are used to set the inner diameter gauge as well as the outer exposed surface of the backing layer. The setting materials used in the gauge are helpful for maintaining the critical diameter for the period the casing shoe will be used.

The economical types of impregnated casing bits are suitable for all casing tubes and rods of standard sizes. This bit is specifically designed for situations where the casing tubes are meant to be fitted inside the drill hole permanently. The heavy duty types on the other hand are recommended for standard size casing tubes. They are designed to have a sturdier matrix layer. This makes the heavy-duty versions well-suited for penetrating deep overburden layers that also have boulders.

In drilling situations where contamination by the natural diamonds is unacceptable, optional setting is applied. In such a case, artificial materials are widely used as a good option. This makes them appropriate for drilling unconsolidated formations and highly abrasive conditions. Under these conditions, superb performance is still delivered.

The impregnated casing and casing shoe bits are capable of delivering high rates of penetration and superior coring performance. This makes them ideal for drilling relatively soft ground or soil that has gravel, to medium-hard rock formation. The optimal size of diamonds, concentration, and matrix are all components that determine the abrasiveness as well as the hardness of a formation that is well-suited for this tool. For the very best results, high quality tools are essential and they should ideally be acquired at reasonable prices. The impregnated diamond casing and casing shoe bits are highly efficient, durable, long-lasting, and best of all, they can be acquired at affordable prices.


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