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Hard Rock Mining Made Simple By PDC Cutters Bits

We manufactures a broad range of customized and standard polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters that are best suited for oil and gas drill bits. We provide a comprehensive variety of both special and standard products designed to offer every possible drilling solution thereby allowing you to meet challenging requirements particularly if you specialize in the oil and gas mining and production. pdc cutters are designed to deliver high performance and durability. As a result, they are perfectly suited for hard rock mining and aggressive formations applications.

pdc cutters are made up of a layer of a top layer sintered on a tungsten-carbide substrate under high-pressure and high temperature process. The combination of layers enables a consistent high drilling performance. The layer of polycrystalline diamond ensures controlled wear while also maintaining the sharp cutting edge. To guarantee a tough and strong support for the layer of polycrystalline diamond, the tungsten-carbide substrate comes in handy. It additionally facilitates attachment to the body of the core drilling bit.

The pdc cutters designed to be used for use in oilfield drilling bits delivers high performance as well as stability. Furthermore, the cutters perform considerably well in oil drilling situations carried out in many different regions and countries all over the globe. The sintering technology used to bond diamond particles enables the cutters to provide long life. The beveled section of the tungsten carbide and diamond layer significantly lowers residual stress and increases impact resistance. So, regardless of the drililng environment, pdc cutters deliver impressive performance.

Small Vs. Large PDC Cutters
The large cutters are generally more aggressive when compared to the smaller cutters. Despite this, they are more likely to increase the torque fluctuations. Furthermore, if the Bottom Hole Assembly is not designed to withstand the intense aggressiveness, instability may occur.

Small cutters on the other hand drill while maintaining higher ROP compared to larger cutters in specific applications. Limestone is a good example of one of these applications. Additionally, bits designed to be fitted with smaller cutters make smaller cuts while the large cutters make larger cuttings. It is important to note that large cuttings could possibly cause problems when it comes to hole cleaning especially if drilling fluid is not capable of carrying cuttings to the annulus.

The Only Limitations
Heat damage, abrasive wear, and impact damage inhibit the performance of a drill bit as these situations can easily occur even in soft geological formations. Even so, it would be most difficult for a pdc cutter to drill through extremely abrasive formations. Despite this, the popularity of the pdc cutters is quickly rising and manufacturers are constantly seeking better ways of improving design aspects in order to make drill bits tougher without making compromises on ROP.

Our broad range of pdc cutters continuously undergo development in order to provide customers in the mining industry with the ultimate solutions when it comes to drilling different drilling environments. We make use of highly advanced materials technology combined with the most effective engineering designs to deliver superior drilling performance always.


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