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Tips On How To Choose The Right Core Bits For Tough Drilling

When there is a need to drill through tough and difficult rocks and other surfaces it is quite common to use core bits. For decades they have been considered to be the best solution because they are proven and time tested. Whether it is hard stone, rocks, masonry, blocks of concrete or other such surfaces there is hardly any doubt that they are considered to be the best option. In this article we will and find out whether it makes sense to choose impregnated diamond or surface set diamond core bit.

Understanding Some Basics About Drilling Using Diamond
Diamond is one of the toughest metals and it can withstand high temperature and stress. Hence it is considered to be an ideal metal when it comes to drilling against hard and very thick surfaces. Therefore it is not very surprising when diamond core bits are used for some of the most sophisticated and difficult drilling processes. It is very commonly used in mining and other areas and has become very indispensable to say the least.

Choosing Between Impregnated Diamond And Surface Diamond Core Bits
The common question that comes to the mind of many customers is to make a decision between impregnated diamond and surface diamond core bits. The main objective of diamond impregnated bit is to produce bits of diamond of continuously. This leads to the active diamonds becoming blunt and they get released and new bits that are sharp will take its place to enable regular and uninterrupted cutting. These impregnated diamond core bits are very commonly used in gas drainage, material sampling, and exploration of minerals and for getting to know more about gas contents. Hence for all heavy duty drilling there is no doubt that impregnated coring bits are a better choice. It would not be wrong to mention here that whenever there is a need for high pressure drilling and mining, they are often considered the best possible choice.

When To Choose Surface Set Diamond Core Bits
On the other hand whenever there is a need for rapid cutting on soft surface and rocks there is no doubt surface set diamond core bits are a better choice. They are also extremely cost effective. Further they are considered by many to be a better option to impregnated diamond coring bits when it comes to highly efficient and high quality penetration especially on soft surfaces. They also are preferred very much whenever there is a need to enhance the life of drilling and cutting tools especially in soft operations. They are often considered to the best choice for wireline drilling and also for thin kerf drilling.

Conclusion: At the end of the day there is little doubt that the choice of diamond core drilling bits would depend on the end use. Those who are looking for rugged and tough drilling will go for impregnated diamond core bits and for soft surface drilling the surface set core bits of diamond is always a better choice. The best way forward is to take technical advice and act accordingly.


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