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Surface Set Diamond Reamning Shells: Suitable For Efficient Drilling

Reaming shells are designed to be used in the coring system. It basically serves the function of joining the core barrel outer tube and the bit. The reaming is made from a steel body, carbide powder, and thermal stable polycrystalline diamond bars. Since it is lined with diamond, it is perfect for producing clean drill holes and the fact that it stabilizes drilling makes it highly sought after. Surface set diamond reaming shells are long lasting and this is one of the main reasons why they are so popular in the mining industry. Below, we explore some good reasons why this particular reaming shell is so important.

Enhanced Stability
The reaming shells significantly reduces drill string vibrations at the drilling bit and enhances stability. The diamond reaming shell pre-exposes diamond. As a result, a tight size control puts more diamond into contact with rocks. This works to stabilize the drill bit. The variation in reduced size and pre-exposure maximizes the available life.

Constant Hole Drilling Diameter
The outer section of this particular reaming shell is carefully designed and set to a specific diameter with synthetic diamonds for a good reason. The design ensures a specific hole diameter is maintained constantly while drilling. Furthermore, changing of bits is accommodated which means a bit will not get stuck in the process.

Effective Flushing
Reaming shells with set diamonds come with tapered edge for purposes of reaming the hole. Well-designed waterways with pcd pins reinforcement promote effective flushing and enable the system to provide long service. Furthermore, excellent drilling economy is provided for the reaming shells and the drill bits.

There are several options of reaming shells for certain core-barrel systems. Some are slightly longer than standard while others are designed with 2-3 set diamond gauge rings. Longer ream shells should ideally be used in combination with an extension sleeve. Double or triple ring ream shells on the other hand are designed to improve deviation problems experienced with the hole.

Suitable for Heavy Duty Mining
The set diamond reaming shells are perfectly suited for heavy-duty boring activity that requires brute force, heightened stability, and precision drilling.

Guaranteed Long Life
The patented technology makes good use of synthetic diamonds. For this reason, wear life is greatly extended. This means reaming shells with set diamond last a long period of time before a replacement is needed. Also, the need for special shells for exploring and mining minerals is eliminated.

To maximize the efficiency of drilling, choosing the appropriate surface set diamond reaming shells is an imperative measure. Moreover, sound drilling procedures must be applied. All mining sites are generally different in nature. Consequently, it is important to note that no substitute can be used for testing a mining system on site. Client requirements are different and formations are different as well. From above, it is easy to understand why reaming shells with set diamonds are highly sought after in the mining industry. The efficiency and the benefits they provide are quite numerous.

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