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Surface Set Diamond Core Bits - The Cost-Effective Alternative

As indicated by the name, surface-set diamond core bits are slightly different from impregnated core bits mainly because they have a single set layer of diamond on the crown formed in a specific pattern. The diamonds used in a surface-set diamond core bit are mounted at the crown bit with powdered-metal matrix body connected to a shank or steel tool. It is important to note that premium set of quality natural diamonds are featured on the bits. Even so, the crown profile and diamond size can easily be varied accordingly to suit different levels of hardness and softness of rocks.

Surface set diamond core bits comprise of a steel body, large particles of diamond grits and tungsten carbide powder. When these materials are molded, a composition of a toughened matrix is made that is extremely versatile and highly effective for drilling different types of formations. Unlike the impregnated diamond core bits where controlled erosion of powdered-metal crown is a desirable feature meant to expose the new crystals of diamond, the bond matrix featured in surface-set diamond core bits are very tough and resistant to wear. The matrix body of the bit crown serves the purpose of securely holding diamonds in place for the entire lifetime of the core drill bits. This makes the surface set diamond core bits highly effective for cutting through formation that is being drilled.

The surface-set diamond core bits are mainly recommended for drilling soft, mildly abrasive, and unconsolidated formations. It works best for unconsolidated formations not drilled effectively by the impregnated diamond core bits. The surface set diamond core bits are also suitable for drilling the harder formations particularly in instances where available bit loads and rotational speeds are not sufficient enough for use of impregnated diamond core bits mainly due to equipment limitations. Surface set core bits are additionally effective for drilling sedimentary formations since they provide the best level of penetration at a considerably lowest-cost per meter.

In most instances, the surface set diamond core bits are designed to provide an increased rate of penetration that is higher than that provided by impregnated diamond core bits especially in soft formations. This is attributable to the large number of exposed diamond crystals. However, since the diamond crystals are only set in a single-layer formation in the surface set diamond core bits, they provide lower bit life when compared to impregnated diamond core bits. Nevertheless, they are suitable for broken rock formation where impregnated diamond core bits may not be as effective.

Swift provides a wide range of surface-set diamond core bits manufactured to meet extremely high quality standards. As a result, long-service life and the maximum possible penetration are provided in soft as well as hard formations. The range of bits include different types of stone sizes, face profiles, and diamond grades. This provides a highly cost-effective solution that is perfect for almost all conditions encountered during mining exploration works. If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative, then you should look no further than the surface set diamond core bits. Other than providing great penetration and a long lifespan, they can be ordered in a variety of sizes and profiles to suit different drilling needs.


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