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Impregnated Diamond Casing Shoe Bits Offer Superb Coring Performance

The Impregnated Diamond Casing Shoe bit is one of the most popularly used due to its broad range of applications. It delivers the highest efficiency especially when drilling through the overburden layers. Swift Manufacturing Ltd has several different types of impregnated diamond casing shoes suitable for use with almost all standard casing rods.

Apart from diamond casing shoe bits, Swift Manufacturing Ltd also manufacturers the impregnated diamond casing rods. When it comes to the design of the casing rods, they are almost similar to casing shoes with the only difference being thread connections. Rod shoe bits are best suited for situations where wireline rods function as the casing tubes.

The construction of the impregnated casing shoes and the rod shoe bits feature a sintered powdered crown joined to a shank or steel tool body. The metal crown comprises of two separate layers: the matrix and the backing layer. The matrix cuts through the overburden while the backing layer joins the matrix to the shank and supports the gauge-diameter and provides protection from hard materials.

The economical impregnated casing shoe bit is recommended for use with almost all types of standard sizes of casing tubes and a minimal number of rod sizes. The economical casing shoe bit is designed for applications where casing tubes are supposed to be permanently fitted into a drill hole.

The other type of impregnated casing shoe bit is the heavy duty suitable to be used with standard casing tubes and a minimal number of drill rods. The heavy duty versions are manufactured using a more robust matrix layer. As a result, it is perfectly suited for deep overburden layers which may have boulders. The Matrix layer of the impregnated casing shoes feature mesh-size artificial diamond crystals are embedded and uniformly distributed onto a powdered metallic bond.

The backing layer has no diamond crystals distributed on its volume. It comprises of powdered metallic bond that provides superb wear resistance attributes. The exposed surfaces of the inner and outer gauge diameter of the backing layer are set using a blend of stable polycrystalline and synthetic diamond thus making it highly resistant to wear.

Optional setting suitable for drilling projects where possible contamination by natural diamonds is not acceptable. Synthetic materials are popularly used as replacements for kicker grade diamond. Although strips of hard metal used for armor coating the shank may not be provided with the heavy duty types of rod shoe bits and casing shoes, They are mostly recommended for drilling applications where drilling is being carried out in unconsolidated and extremely abrasive conditions.

The impregnated casing shoes and rod shoes deliver superb coring performance and high penetration rates. Consequently, they are ideal for soft ground and soil, with gravel, and medium to hard rock formations. Matrix component, optimum size of diamonds and concentration are all dependent on abrasiveness and hardness of formation that is supposed to be drilled. The impregnated diamond shoe casings and rod shoe bits deliver enhanced efficiency and coring performance. The fact that they are durable and affordable makes them some of the most highly sought after.


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