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Features of impregnated diamond core bits

They can withstand the most rigorous drilling conditions. Diamond impregnated core drill bits are designed for hard and abrasive formation. They are made of application specific material that can withstand the most rigorous drilling conditions. They can drill out float equipment and are effective in softer formation.

To facilitate durability, the diamond core bits are built with:
• Grit hot pressured puts in
• Polycrystalline diamond compact cutters
• Diamond impregnated matrix materials
• Thermal stable polycrystalline diamonds
• They have hydraulics that reduce the bit trip needs
• The bits use a combination of central flow fluid distribution and ports which facilitate cleaning and cooling of bits. This feature facilitates better performance of the bits when used in softer rocks.

Features of impregnated diamond core bits with thicker gauge and higher crowns

The standard matrix height is 6mm and the working part is also known as a crown. The bits can also have matrix heights of 8mm, 9mm, 10mm and 12 mm. further, they have wider color selections for drilling various rocks ranging from soft, medium, hard and the ultra hard rocks.

They are manufactured with very small and high quality synthetic diamonds evenly mixed though a synthetic matrix. The hardness of the matrix is chosen to match the rock formation so that it only wears out evenly throughout its life and exposes a new sharp diamond.

The matrix types vary from series 1 to series 12. Generally, an impregnated diamond bit with low matrix number like 2 is suitable in drilling relatively soft, abrasive formation and fractured rocks. The impregnated diamond core bits with high matrix numbers are suitable in increasingly harder rock formations up to the highest number. The highest number would work best in drilling an ultra hard, non abrasive and highly consolidated rock formation.

The impregnated bits works as grinding tools and they should work at very high rotation speeds, high bit loads and also well cooled. You should consider the capability of drilling equipment in terms of its ability to operate in the recommended operating parameters and also in geological variations. It is best if you select a harder or softer matrix type rather than the recommended type in the matrix selection chart. This will address the drilling equipment hindrances.

Why higher matrix height
The impregnated diamond coring bits with higher matrix heights preserve their cutting ability for a very long time. They are suitable for deep-hole applications as they can cut through quartz and any type of granite or an equivalent hardness without any problem. The matrix height varies from 6mm to 12mm. Generally, the life of an impregnated diamond core drilling bit with a less thickness impregnation depth is relatively low than that of an impregnated diamond core drilling bit with a thicker impregnation depth. The bits with less impregnation depth are recommendable in drilling shallow drill holes or non wire line applications with no frequent bit changes.

Why thicker gauge
diamond core bits body was made by thick steel, the body gauge is to hold the matrix steadily and support the crown shaped in different profiles, also the thick body gauge maintain the hold diameter not narrowed, and when the bore hole wall in constant friction with bits body, the thicker gauge will be protect the diamond core bits and offer more abrasive resistance.


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