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Surface-Set Diamond Casing Shoe Bits: Best For Relatively Soft And Abrasive Formations

As the name indicates, the surface set diamond casing shoe bit is different from the impregnated diamond casing shoe bit. It is different due to the fact that it is built with one layer of drill diamond fitted in a predetermined pattern on its working surfaces. The surface-set casing shoes work best in situations where drilling is being done on formations that are both abrasive and soft. Some good examples of such formations are limestone and sandstone. The diamonds on the surface set casing shoes are fixed into a powdered-metal matrix joined to a steel shank.

Unlike the impregnated casing shoe bits, where controlled abrasion of the metal crown is deemed a desirable effect as it exposes new crystals of diamond, the metal matrix we use on our surface-set casing shoes provide unmatched toughness and wear resistance. The crown matrix on the surface set casing shoe bits serves the purpose of securely holding in place the diamonds during the entire operational lifetime of the cutting tool. Swift manufacturing ltd provides suitable surface set diamond casing shoe bits capable of being used with all types of casing tubes regardless of the size.

Apart from the casing shoes, Swift manufacturing ltd also produces surface-set rod shoes. When it comes to the design of the rod shoe bits, they are quite similar to the casing shoe bits, although they differ in terms of threading connections. Rod shoes come in handy especially in situations where wireline rods serve as the casing tubes.

The Tool Configuration
All our surface-set diamond casing shoe bits as well as all our rod shoe bits come with a waterway configuration together with a crown that has a semi-round profile.

Quality of Diamond
Unless specified otherwise, the bit face of the surface set casing shoes as well as the rod shoes we supply are of high grade natural diamond. Despite this, a substitute of the diamond grades may be done on request.

Furthermore, the inner and outer surfaces of the gauge diameter of the rod shoes crowns and surface set casing shoes are set using premium quality grade diamond as this maintains the critical gauge-diameters during the entire lifetime of the shoes.

Our surface-set diamond casing shoe bits as well as the rod shoe bits are provided together in different diamond sizes. It is important to note that small sizes of diamonds are not suited for the casing shoes. Even though size 40/60 SPC or larger sizes of diamonds are specified for the surface set diamond casing shoes, it is important to consider constraints of kerf-width in order to allow for adequate diamond coverage especially when larger crystals of diamonds are being used.

Even though hard metal strips are widely used to provide a protective coating for the shank of the surface-set diamond casing shoes, this provision may be made available at an extra cost. Having the protective coating put in place comes in handy during drilling of extremely abrasive formations and also for the unconsolidated conditions. These particular casing shoes are dependable as they provide maximum possible penetration, versatility and durability. All these amazing features are presented at an affordable price.


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