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surface set diamond casing bits: high core recovery ratio

The surface-set diamond casing and casing shoe bit is a more cost-effective solution compared to the impregnated casing bits. Even so the bits offer exceptional rates of penetration and high core recovery in soft formations are just some of the few features that make the surface-set casing bit stand out. We are the leading manufacturer of extremely durable surface-set diamond casing and casing shoe bits known for features such as robust design, sturdiness, dimensional accuracy and high durability. The products are made available in varying specifications and reasonable prices to suit the specific needs of each customer.

The casing shoe is used for handling the casing tubing particularly in shallow surfaces. The casing shoes are presented in a varying degree of hardness to make them a better fit for different types of casing tube bits.

The casing shoe comprises of a single crystal diamond, a steel body, as well as tungsten carbide, and polycrystalline diamond. Some of the main functions of this piece include:
a. Protection of the casing ends against distortion.
b. Helping casing pass through the stratum to the bedrock.
c. Bring up mud to the surface.
d. Helps with down-passing of casing while the drill rod is still in the hole.

Benefits of Provided By Surface-set Diamond Casing and Casing shoe Bits
1. Made of superior quality materials – The diamonds used in the manufacture of the pieces guarantee durability. The high quality thermally treated matrix enhances functionality quite considerably.
2. Can be used on a wide range of formations – The surface-set diamond bits are popularly used for different types of formations that include hard and soft formations. Nevertheless, a higher rotational speed is necessary for drilling through harder formations. Fortunately, the bits are robust and sharp enough thus making them well-suited for drilling hard rock formations.
3. Guaranteed Longevity – The durable nature of the surface-set casing bits should never be underestimated. When used as recommended by the manufacturer, the bits will deliver for a long period of time without any issues.
4. Highly Versatile – The bits can easily be custom-made to suit the individual needs of every client. To make this possible, different diamond grades, matrix profiles, and mesh sizes are all aspects can be altered with ease to suit the specific requirements and needs of each client. This means the bits are a highly cost-effective solution recommended for the mining industry.

The surface-set casing shoe bits are perfectly suited for drilling moderately delicate and abrasive formations. Some good examples of such formations include sandstone and limestone. The diamonds used in these tools are firmly rooted in a powdered matrix body top that is fused to a steel shank. It can additionally be used on smooth surfaces or soil. When carrying out operations in a hole that is most likely collapsed, use of the tool is recommended especially when it has been linked together with a casing tube. The surface set casing shoes are suited for soft-medium tough formations. It is important to note that surface-set diamond bits are designed to have exposed diamond crystals on the matrix. For this reason, they provide a reduced lifespan compared to the impregnated casing and casing shoe bits. Nevertheless, these mining tools deliver exceptionally well for different mining conditions as outlined.


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