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One of the hardest stones on the market is diamond. Diamond is also the most preferred abrasive, since it offers excellent abilities. The diamond products come in different forms, which are used in various applications, including cutting, drilling, grinding. And diamond micron powder is for high precision polishing, the common form of diamond used for polishing is the powder diamond. The most popular types of diamond powders are the diamond micron powder and the nano diamond micron powder. These two categories of diamond powders have been made with super fine particles of tiny crystals, which make them look elegant and be suitable for polishing purposes.

The micron diamond powder category made by synthetic diamond grits of irregular shape with good self-sharpness, but the size is mostly micron or can be the sub-micron size. our made diamond micron powder is produced through crushing, shaping, purifying and grading. The most common type of use of the micron diamond powder is for polishing, lapping. because of the good features of hardness, strength, toughness, thermal conductivity, heat stability and impact resistance, it is widely used for achieving a super fine finish, mostly on the hard materials like glass, ceramic, stones, gems, optical objects and metals. Any hard material that needs high quality surface and a perfect dimension will be finished using the micron diamond powder. Also micron powder are used for making diamond slurry, super-abrasives lapping paste in compound.
(sizes available: 0-0.25, 0-0.5, 0-1, 0.5-1, 0.5-1.5, 0-2, 1.5-3, 2-4, 2.5-5, 3-6, 4-8, 5-10, 6-12, 8-12, 10-20, 12-22, 20-30, 22-36, 36-54)

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Here are the most common synthetic diamond powders that are used in the market:
The Monocrystalline diamond powder – Synthetic
The MCD powder is another common synthetic diamond that is used in finishings. This one is obtained by the synthesis of High pressure and high temperature, HPHT. It has some particles that contain a crystal structure. This crystal structure almost resembles that of a natural diamond, which has cleavage planes that run parallel. The structure of the MCD powder makes it perfect for lapping, grinding, as well as polishing of specific surfaces. Here are other properties of the MCD powder;
o The particles of the MCD powder break along the cleavage planes, which are parallel to the particles. This makes them stronger and more durable.
o The powder is taken through a process of shaping it, which ensure that there is a blocky particle shape, which is uniform. The particle shape must be controlled in order to enhance the removal rates of the high material. Also, it enhances a surface finish that is scratch-free and uniform.
The controlling of the particles help to make the MCD powder more suitable for the polishing purposes.

Polycrystalline diamond powder – Synthetic
This is one of the top synthetic diamond powders that is used for fine finishing. It is achieved by explosion creation, which leads to a PCD particle structure that has no cleavage plane. As a result, the tough PCD will allow a higher pressure of operation, almost three times the Monocrystalline diamonds. The surface, which is a combination of many rough particles that are micro-structured will offer several points of contact between the work piece and the diamond particles. These qualities encourages higher removal rates of materials, compared to most of the diamond products. The most common applications of the PCD powder is polishing and lapping processes. Mostly because of the tiny particles, which offers a tight contact with the surface.

Chinese standard American standard Japanese standard mesh size
w0.2 0-0.2 80000
w0.25 0-0.25 60000
w0.5 0-0.5 30000
w1 0-1 15000
w1.5- 0-2 13000
w1.5 1-2 12000
w2.5 1-3 10000
w3 2-3 7000
w3.5 2-4- 6500
w3.5 2-4 6000
w4 2-5 5000
w5 3-6 4000
w6 4-6 3500
w7 4-8 3000
w10 4-9 2500
w10 5-10 2000
w10 6-12 1800
w12 8-12 1600
w14 7-14 1500
w14 8-16 1300
w20- 10-20 1200
w20 12-22 1000
w20+ 15-25 800
w28 20-30 700
w28+ 22-36 600
w40- 20-40 500
w40 30-40 450
w40+ 35-45 400
w50 36-54  

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