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This non-coring drill bit has a layer of diamond grits which are regularly arranged on the surface of the bit. In contrast to the impregnated drill bits, all the diamonds in this bit are exposed for cutting simultaneously. This makes them ideal for many high-speed drilling operations because they offer fast penetration. However, they tend to wear out faster than impregnated bits, so they are recommended for soft, abrasive formations. Surface set non-coring bits are effective in drilling sedimentary rocks at the least cost. Various arrangements of diamond cutters are now being manufactured to suit different kinds of formations and surfaces. The quality and combination of diamonds may also be altered so it can be used to drill harder, less abrasive surfaces. hole sizes are available in 56mm, 60mm, 76mm.

surface set diamond non coring bits surface set diamond non coring bits    
surface set diamond non coring bits surface set diamond non coring bits    

Natural diamonds are arranged on the crown of a metal matrix body which is fused to a steel body, all diamonds on the crown of a surface set type are exposed at the same time. The great thing about surface set drill bits is that they are significantly effective in penetrating. This is because they are designed with non-coring technology to provide the efficient cutting in the given formation which is being drilled. They are most effective in drilling through sedimentary rock formations and it does so at the lowest cost.

However, the fact that there is only a layer of diamonds on the surface of the matrix, this surface set diamond non coring bit entails a lower lifetime compared to other types. The good thing about this type of bit is that it can alter the variations of used diamonds and their formation set on the crown to suit different drill surfaces. Variations in diamond size and quality as well as the type of arrangement affect the effectiveness of the drill in different applications.


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