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Nanometer diamond micron powder is also called the nanocluster diamond, it is achieved by the explosion of Oxygen-deficient explosives that contain dissociative carbon in super high pressure and temperature. These explosives are set off inside an explosion chamber, in order to achieve better results and avoid losing of particles. They are made up of diamond crystallites that are about 5 to 20 nanometers in sphere shape and functional group of oxygen and nitrogen on the surface. The super tiny particles are able to hold on tight to the surface. It has a higher surface area, along with particle surfaces that are micro rough. For this reason, the nano diamond powder is suitable for super fine polishing of surfaces precision finishing.

nano meter diamond micron powder nano meter diamond micron powder
nano meter diamond micron powder nano meter diamond micron powder

Here are some properties of the nano diamond powder:
• It has a bigger surface area, which will vary with the size of the diamond. Though the highest surface area is about 300 cubic centimeters or square meters.
• It has a limited bonding force in the crystallites, which means that the inherent strength is limited, compared to other types of diamond. In case it is exposed to situations like in an ultrasonic treatment, it can lead to the breakage of the clusters.
• It also has a narrower tolerance within the distribution of the particle size.

Our made nano meter diamond micron powder is produced through purification, surface modification and precise grading treatment, it has good features of high specific surface area, porous structure, electrical and thermal conductivity, superhigh purity, anti-causticity.

  ND50 ND80 ND100  ND120 ND150 ND200 ND300 ND500 ND800
MV(μm) 0.05 0.08 0.1 0.12 0.15 0.2 0.3 0.5 0.8
Water/Oil Slurry
Dry Powder for
Water/Oil bases

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