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Geocube TSP core bits have been tested and proven with positive customer reviews, they are polycrystalline diamond cutters that are stable and can withstand high temperature, the cutting profile that arises out of the thermally stable polycrystalline cube shaped cutters being mounted on a bit crown matrix. These bits are very rough and are designed to cope with rugged, hard and extremely abrasive formations. The making of geocube core bits strikes a balance between style and functionality, its advantages are convincing and the issue of durability is of no discussion.

But geocube core bits are not only stylish but their design aims at balancing elegance with functionality. If you see it for the first time you will be amazed by the diamond extension on the bit, there are many thermal stable polycrystalline diamond bars sintered with metal powders which will offer super wear and impact resistance and a wonderful penetration, the matrix is embedded on the T.C gauge protection during manufacturing, which is to act as the cutting media of the core bits.

geocube TSP core bits geocube TSP core bits geocube TSP core bits  
geocube TSP core bits geocube TSP core bits PQ TSP geocube core bits  

If you use geocube core bits you will certainly enjoy high penetration extents as a result of the cutting media being exposed to the maximum possible level. This brings about a rough aggressive cutting surface .The type of matrix used in the manufacture of this bits is usually resistant to erosion. Also the interior and exterior gauge diameter of the bit is maintained at the desired magnitude by the combination natural diamonds and PCD pins.

These TSP core bits are extremely tough and they can penetrate many different formations that require different types of bit types to perform the same function. Their consistent and amazing performance across a broad range of formations makes it one of the economical drilling solutions as some of the inventory costs are reduced.

Geocube TSP core bits have many general applications today. However, they are mostly used for hard rocks drilling. It is said that they are suitable for the strata of soft or medium toughness such as sandstone. These TSP bits can withstand fast drilling speeds and long service time when used in the appropriate way. Even though they can be used in nearly all forms of rocks, it is more efficient to use more superior forms of core bit technology that are designed for hard rock drilling.

Geocube TSP coring bits are amazing as they do not wear out or get crushed after very long hours of continuous drilling. Nowadays the advanced technology is employed when manufacturing geocube core bits, hence giving it a supernormal ability to withstand the intensive pressure on the tip of the bit. Geocube core bits may come in both internal flush design and the face discharge designs. They produce amazing results when used for water, mud or air flushing.

Geocube TSP coring bits are generally applied for drilling across a wide variety of rock types. However, superior forms of core-bit technology drills have the capacity of performing better drilling, especially for hard-rock drilling applications. Drilling via these coring bits can be continuous and sometimes there is a need to increase the feed pressure for continuing the drilling. Our products are made from advanced technology and unlike traditional core bits, it does not wear out or get crushed.

A Geocube TSP core bit is the ultimate drilling solution today. Its durability is assured and its functionality is convincing!


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