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Mining in the industry has recently increased and due to the influx of trained workers it shows no reason for slowing down. These mining industries and companies that invest in refining the precious metals often apply tools and systems that are cost effective and some not so much. The miners themselves who are excavating the rocks and providing samples to geologists and scientists that often utilize drill bits of varying sizes and shapes. These drill bits can break, but some of them are more resilient than others.

Scientists and engineers both apply different system when they are in the middle of mining. Their job is to extract the precious substances from the rock of material and refine the materials until they are made into something that can be molded and utilized. Mining operations are applying different technologies every single day. The most prominent is by using sound waves in order to pinpoint the location of the precious rocks. Even when found they have to be excavated and this is what leads to the mining equipment and why one of the more popular bits is the Wireline impregnated diamond core bits for mining exploration.

There are so many different quality for core bits that are involved in creating somewhat of a unique experience and different companies involved to provide them. The wireline diamond core bit is the most resilient and strongest.

Dimensions of diamond core bits (Click)

Core bits crown profiles, matrix waterway (Click)

Impregnated diamond core bits

wireline impregnated diamond core bits are made with premium synthetic diamond powders and metal powders, imp core bits are more widely used than ss diamond core bits because of the advantages in price, durability, strength and lasting resilience in dealing with hard rocks. matrix height of 6mm for conventional core bits, and 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm for wireline core bits.

Impregnated diamond core bits
Surface set diamond core bits

wireline surface set diamond core bits consist of large diamond particles, carbide powder and steel body, natural diamond grits size of 20/30 or 40/60 are mounted on the crown-powdered metal matrix of seven steps, the steel body holds the matrix and diamonds in the right place throughout their operational lifetime. Crown shape of semi-round and multi-steps.

Surface set diamond core bits

geocube TSP core bits have the cutting profile that arises out of the thermally stable polycrystalline cube shaped cutters being mounted on a bit crown matrix, the polycrystalline diamond cutters that are stable and can withstand high temperature for hard rocks penetration.

Geocube TSP core bits

pdc core bits constructed with pdc cutters that have been made from diamond, these pdc cutters are designed to shear the rock and get deeper penetration, pdc core bits have numerous sintered-polycrystalline-diamond studs on the matrix, they drill quickly and have a long usability life. PDC cutters offer high coring rate, and its size various in 1308,1313 mainly for petroleum and oil field drilling, coal mining, geological exploration.

PDC core bits
Electroplated diamond core bits

electroplated diamond core bits are made of a cylinder bit which is electroplated with layers of synthetic diamonds. These bits are protected with electroplating and vacuum at the opening of the metal cylinder. It can drill soft as well as very hard rock or soil surface.

Electroplated diamond core bits
Tungsten carbide core bits

tungsten carbide core bits without superabrasive diamond materials, advantages in price and economical applications.

Tungsten carbide core bits

There are mainly three types of wireline core bits. They are impregnated diamond core bits, surface set diamond core bits and PDC core bits. What makes the difference is the diamond form of expression, and diamond grade, density, crown shapes.

impregnated type diamond core bits made by synthetic diamonds and a mix of metal alloy which makes it rigid and adaptive towards rough surface. when the matrix erodes away at the same rate as the diamonds become worn and rounded, the new sharp diamonds are exposed to continue cutting through the rock.

The surface set type diamond core bits are different from the impregnated type, as it array diamond grits on seven steps, in order to drill hard rocks in a known preset way. The waterways are designed to affect the wash in some soft or altered formations of the substance.

PDC core bits are not made by diamond grits, the matrix are sintered PDC cutters on regularly, pdc is polycrystalline diamond compact, which is made by a pcd layer and a tungsten carbide substrate, so pdc has good shock resistance for oil well field drilling.

The wireline impregnated diamond core bit is counter with a more dense drill bit due to its multi-layered facets can cut and remain strong depending on the harder surface. The waterways of this bit are also more diverse and can handle much more, we offer customized matrix shape and waterways, please contact us if you have such demands!


We export impregnated and surface set diamond core bits, diamond casing and casing shoe bits, reaming shells, core barrels, drilling rods, overshots to world wide countries, such as USA united states, Germany, UK united kingdom, Italy, France, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, South Africa, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Cyprus, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Danmark, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Switzerland, Ireland, Holand, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina etc.

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