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Diamond non coring bits have many important applications in the construction and oil and gas industry. These drill bits have features that make them ideal for drilling through hard rocks and geological formations. The arrangement of the diamond cutters makes it possible for the drill bits to cut effectively and efficiently. That is why they are used for heavy duty applications.

In general, drills are equipped with capabilities to penetrate abrasive and hard formations. Drill bits are add ons that drilling in specific locations. Built with natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds, polycrystalline diamond compact cutters, thermally stable polycrystalline diamonds, grit hot pressured inserts, these drill bits are geared towards heavy duty work.

Impregnated diamond non coring bits

impregnated diamond non coring bit hole sizes are available in 56mm, 60mm, 76mm. different diamonds are exposed to drill at different times and not simultaneously altogether, and this allows fresh and sharp diamonds to be exposed at different times and hence, increasing the effectiveness of the drilling process.

Impregnated diamond non coring bits
Surface set diamond non coring bits

surface set diamond non coring bit hole sizes are available in 56mm, 60mm, 76mm. the bit crown full of imported natural diamond grits of 20/30, 40/60, all diamonds on the crown of a surface set type are exposed at the same time when drilling, so the S.S non coring bits are more efficiently for drilling, but entails a lower lifetime compared to impregnated diamond non coring bits.

Surface set diamond non coring bits
PDC non coring bits

PDC non coring bits have three or four wings, each wing is mounted with several PDC cutters, hole sizes available in 56mm, 60mm, 65mm, 120mm. As polycystalline diamond compact has good shock resistance and impact resistance, so pdc bits are favored for drilling oil well.

PDC non coring bits
three wings drag bits

three wings drag bits have step type and chevron type, sizes are 2-7/8", 3-1/2", 3-3/4", 4-1/2", 4-3/4" etc. Drag bits can penetrate softer formations such as stiff clays and mudstones very quickly, usually used for construction or other site investigation projects.

three wings drag bits

For large scale drilling purposes, the correct tool is essentially everything. The correct drill made with your goal in mind can make the process a much faster and easier one. In terms of choosing the correct tool, you must first know your application in order to choose from a broad range of drilling options. Whether drilling for oil or gas or minerals, rock destruction, or any other purpose your tools and drills must be shaped for the best results and efficiency. The design of drill bits vary and these variations are for various purposes. Differently designed core drill bits offer different strength and capabilities, hence the differences in their effectiveness.

It is important to note that you must know all the requirements of your application and the underlining rock formations you are likely to encounter before you select any non coring bits for drilling. Choosing the most suitable drill bit will help to accomplish the task faster and at a reduced cost. Selecting a durable drill bit will also help you to save cost for future projects.


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