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Mining exploration and mining is a geological and scientific approach to refining minerals found in stones and wit the process of alchemy, turning them into something that is for the fabrication of products being sold on the market. The applications also include scientific research, chemistry for health purposes and just about anything that requires some for of alchemy or mining for minerals. With a variety of machines and the increase in mining operations along with trained workers, these investment would mean nothing without the application of geological mining tools. Geological mining tools and more specifically, quality drill rods and casing tubes are relied on for their production.

We manufactures Wireline Drill Rods, from WLA to WLP, Parallel Threaded Drill Rods, DCDMA Sizes AW-HW, and Metric sizes 42mm to 90mm, Tapered Threaded Drill Rods, DCDMA Sizes AWY to NWY, AWJ, BWJ and S75 Drill Rods. And our common drill rods length is 1.5m and 3m. Casing tubes length is generally supplied with length 3.0m, 1.5m & 0.75m. And casing thread is 4 threads per inch. Drill rods are used for drilling deep holes by connecting one after another and reach for thousands meters below, which is widely used in geological drilling, mining, oil field industries.

Sizes of drilling rods and casing tubes (Click)

drilling rods drilling rods drilling rods drilling rods
drilling rods drilling rods drilling rods drilling rods
casing tubes drilling rods
casing tubes drilling rods
drilling rods
drilling rods
drilling rods
drilling rods
drilling rods
drilling rods
drilling rods
drilling rods

Drill rods are made from a very high concentration of carbon steel and they applied in order to create drill bits, dowel pins, and some roller bearings. They are of the foundation of making these rods last. To determine the level of hardness of the drill rod, it depends on the quality and on the density of the rod wanted. The rods can be formed in varying shapes including squares and there are two basic types of rods. They are labeled water and oil hardened. They are extensions that fit onto the drill rig.

This Water hardened rod is specifically made for the use of hammers and files since it hasn't been compressed enough. Because the density is much less than oil, it can be more simply maneuvered than the counterpart or oil hardened material. The water hardened rod has its limitations and is rarely ever used for welding since it would break and lose form. Although the water rod is a better conductor of heat the oil hardened drill rod is what welders applies for their purposes. The oil hardened is designed for some of the more trying conditions as opposed to water based, but isn't as maneuverable either.

There are customizable features along the way and during production. For these rods, there is added instruction of exactly what the purpose is for the rod and how it is to be tempered. The oil and water is to be reheated and cooled in order to reach is workable temperature. The steel demands this in order to rearrange its chemical makeup and to be prepared for the task.

The parts and drilling rods shouldn't be swirled in any water as this gets in the way of the process of a typical cooling and alters the state of the carbon steel. If this is done, it will cause warping and the drilling rods won't be intact for the application and will often times be damaged and unstable. This especially matters when there is precise measurements for the project and a lot of money has been invested in the success of the result.


Casing tubes are made applying the hot rolling process that has been refined through years and years of experience in the mining industry by leading scientists. These tubes are geological mining tools and designed to increase productivity while excavating minerals and precious metals. Tubes can be made from carbon and alloyed steel for durability. The dimensions of the tubes vary depending on the depth the miner is digging.

The production is made with the process called hot rolling. It's basically the recrystallization of the materials through pressurized high heating conditions. The metal is placed between two rollers at a very high temperature and the material is reconstructed according to the dimensions of the order. Upon reformation it is then cooled and hardens. The delivery method varies but these products do not have to go through further thermal processing upon arriving at the site. There are agreements for the conditions and temperament of the metals so consult the company being ordered from for further information.

Casin tubes are what are place in the hole once the drill is finished. This keeps the shape of the hole and offers a framework to work with. This strengthens the hole that was just drilled and takes away the hazard of the hole collapsing and effecting a cave in. The tubes are mainly alloy steel tube to withstand a lot of inner earth pressure.

SPT drive rods SPT sampler complete split tube sampler automatic trip hammer
SPT drive rods SPT sampler complete split tube sampler
1. Ball Valve Adaptor
2. SPT Solid Rod SPT
3. SPT Nose Cone
(2). Split Tubes
(3). Basket Retainer
(4). SPT Shoe
automatic trip hammer
1. Outer Tube Assembly
C/W Pawls
2. Inner Guide Shaft
3. Drop Weight
4. Anvil

SPT drive rods: SPT Drive Rods are manufactured to connect with the SPT Split Tube Sampler and comply with the BS 1377: Part 9: 1990. The rod O.D. is 54 mm with solid 1-1/2" B.S. Whitworth male and female tool joints on each end. The tool joints are friction welded to the Rods and have a pair of spanner flats to facilitate handling. The rod weighs only 8.8 kg per meter but is both stronger and stiffer. It has four kinds of standard lengths, like 3.0m, 1.5m, 1.0m and 0.75 m.

split tube sampler:SPT Split Tube Sampler is designed for carrying out the Standard Penetration Test (SPT) to BS 1377: Part 9: 1990 and ASTM standards. The Top Ball Valve Adaptor, pair of Split Spoons, and open SPT Shoe compose a complete set of Split Tube Sampler. A Basket Retainer made from steel or plastic also is available as an option with the sampler. The ball valve adaptor prevents samples from being washed out of the sampler when it is withdrawn from the borehole. A 60 degree nose cone or long solid rod with 60 degree point is available for carrying out SPT (c) tests in gravel and loose material. The screw connection on the top adaptor depends on the type of drill rods being used to drive the sampler. Most frequently used rods are 1-1/2" B.S. Whitworth, NWY, BW or AW. The standard Split Tube Sampler is 2" (50.8 mm) OD x 1-3/8" (34.9 mm ) ID x 18" (457 mm) / 24" (610 mm) long. For heavy driving conditions, the Heavyduty "Tuflok" design is available.

Automatic Trip Hammer: it is manufactured to comply with the Standard Penetration (SPT) to BS 1377:Part 9:1990. SPT Drive Rods and a Split Tube Sampler are connected to the base of the anvil, and driven into the ground by the falling weight. The Automatic Trip Hammer comprises a weight of 63.5 Kg complete with pick-up and self-tripping mechanism that ensures the weight has a free-fall of exactly 760mm. The inner shaft acts as a guide that permits the weight to drop with minimal resistance and ensures that the weight strikes the anvil squarely.The Anvil thread is usually be processed with a 1-1/2" B.S. whitworth to fit our standard SPT Rods. Adaptors to other types of drill rod can be supplied on request. The overall length of the hammer is 2.6m extended and 1.8m when unextended. The total weight of the hammer is 107Kg.


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