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Reaming shells are some of the most popular metalwork tools available in the market, they are used for keeping the bore diameter and stability of drilling. These hole drilling, enlargement and stabilization tools are constructed for varying application but perform basic functions. pcd reaming shells with polycrystalline diamond bars on the steel gauge surface, it is used in drilling abrasive, soft and unconsolidated formations.

We supply reaming shells in length of 10 inch (254mm) and 18-3/8 Inch (467mm), suitable for most wireline core barrel assemblies (WLA to WLP), aim to assist in minimizing the degree of drill hole angular deviation in target or deep hole drilling situations.

NQ PCD reaming shells NQ 10'' PCD reaming shells NQ PCD reaming shell NMLC PCD reaming shells
NQ PCD reaming shells NQ 10'' PCD reaming shells NQ PCD reaming shell NMLC PCD reaming shells

Reaming shells have various other minor features included for ergonomics, safety and precision. However, these tools are basically designed to withstand the boring conditions and facilitate aforementioned applications (drilling, enlargement, stabilization). The type of reaming shell chosen will depend on boring requirements, rock abrasives and hardness. The reaming shells should always be placed behind the core bit. However, they can also be placed on other positions across the strings of the drill. The core barrel can also be stabilized by placing a second shell across the other side of the outer tube.

Shell reamers come in various sizes and construction for different application areas. Our surface set diamond reamer and pcd reamer are used for high intensity boring that require more force, precision drilling and heightened stability. As the name suggests, these tools are used for reaming holes and feature advanced technologies ranging from gauge monitoring and measurement to calculation of angular deviation. Reaming shells feature high intensity environment construction and are used for drilling through bearings with straight precision. They prevent angular deviation of holes especially for deep-hole drilling situations. Wireline core barrels have reaming shells as the most important parts and they are designed to maintain the drilling diameter. This way, the size and direction of the hole is kept consistent and precise respectively.


We export impregnated and surface set diamond core bits, diamond casing and casing shoe bits, reaming shells, core barrels, drilling rods, overshots to world wide countries, such as USA united states, Germany, UK united kingdom, Italy, France, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, South Africa, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Cyprus, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Danmark, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Switzerland, Ireland, Holand, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina etc.

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