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the synthetic diamond has interacted many industrial drilling companies, who are restricted in bits hole size during drilling, for economic purposes, as a result, the agglomerates are designed to help. The generic polycrystalline diamond is super tough and TSP diamond is the one most suitable for drilling to be mounted on bits gauge inner side and reaming shell surfaces, these types of diamond are called the Thermally Stable Polycrystalline.

we use TSP diamond to make a variety of mining and drilling equipments. It is used in making impregnated, surface set, pdc core bits due to its strong and enduring characteristics which are used in site investigation, mineral exploration and water well drilling. We also use it to make diamond casing and casing shoe bits which is used to position standard casing tubes into drill holes, drilling down ward and to open the hole. Other drilling equipments which utilize TSP diamond include reaming shells used in for keeping bore diameter in drilling. This has enabled us to produce equipments which are of high quality, durable, user friendly and affordable.

  thermal stable polycrystalline tsp diamond  
tsp diamond, thermal stable polycrystalline
thermal stable polycrystalline tsp diamond thermal stable polycrystalline tsp diamond thermal stable polycrystalline tsp diamond  
tsp diamond
thermal stable polycrystalline
tsp diamond
thermal stable polycrystalline
tsp diamond
thermal stable polycrystalline

The TSP diamond products are a result of micron diamond and silicon carbide, which have been sintered to come up with a solid Bi Phase Matrix. The material is relatively strong and it is also hard like the single crystal diamond. One thing about the TSP diamond is that the crystals have been positioned randomly, which helps to limit the cracking, especially on the crystal boundaries. The orientation of the crystals is what makes this diamond super tough. Also, their toughness is dependant on the strength and the ability of the diamond bonding with other diamonds.

The Shape
The TSP diamond can be achieved into different shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are discs, cubes, triangles, rectangles, spheres, and cylinders. The shape and size are customized in a way that allow them to be placed inside core drilling bits, wire drawing dies, cutting tools and reaming shell gauge. They can also be used in some waterproof components.

Their qualities indicate that they are highly thermo-stable, which implies that they can be used in super high temperatures of nearly 1200°C in a non-oxidizing atmosphere. For that reason, in situations where the temperature is too high for the synthetic diamonds, then the TSP diamond will be used.

The oil drilling and mining of the thermally stable polycrystalline diamond are suitable for broken formations or other more abrasive formations. The reaming shells and drill bits that are made with the TSP diamond are mostly used for drilling a surface of super hard rocks. Some of the common surfaces that the TSP is used are shale, lime rock and marble. It can also used in medium or hard rocks that have coarse grains, like the sedimentary rocks. The drilling of the hard rocks tends to give a better result, compared to the softer surfaces.

The strong qualities, along with the orientation of the crystals allow the diamond to be used in drilling of hard surfaces. This is one of the major uses of the TSP diamond. The rectangular shape, which also called the TSP bar or sticks, are used to sintered on bits and reaming shell to drill hard rocks, so it has an outer covering that prevents it from being chipped off by the rocks, and protect the gauge with more wear resistance, thus keep the hole diameter and stability of drilling.

Typically, the TSP diamond doesn’t contain substrate and it is mostly plated, which means it can be located through sintering, welding or brazing processes. Its ability to withstand high temperatures is what makes it a highly valued diamond.


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