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Reaming shells are some of the most popular metalwork tools available in the market, they are used for keeping the bore diameter and stability of drilling. These hole drilling, enlargement and stabilization tools are constructed for varying application but perform basic functions. They come in different shapes, sizes, functionality, design and efficiencies.

Reaming shells works together with core bits in the whole complete core barrels, could used in conventional and wireline core barrels. Keeping consideration is required if original genuine quality durable reaming shells are to be found. Choosing reaming shells will depend on the purpose and intensity of job required, jobs that require high initial drive force and precision stabilization are often done using power sources. It is therefore important to compare existing options, their construction and suitable application as well as best qualities available.

We supply reaming shells in length of 10 inch (254mm) and 18-3/8 Inch (467mm), suitable for most wireline core barrel assemblies (WLA to WLP), aim to assist in minimizing the degree of drill hole angular deviation in target or deep hole drilling situations.

Dimensions of reaming shells (Click)

Surface set reaming shell

surface set reaming shells keep the stability of bore diameter during the boring process and super long service time.

Surface set reaming shell
PCD reaming shell

PCD reaming shells with synthetic TSP bars on the middle part surface to expand the corehole bigger, working for longer life time.

PCD reaming shell
Electroplated diamond reaming shell

electroplated diamond reaming shells in low price, use up quickly but with good performance.

Electroplated diamond reaming shell
Tungsten carbide reaming shell

tungsten carbide reaming shells have competitive cheap prices, suitable for soft to medium harness rocks.

Tungsten carbide reaming shell

A typical reaming shell has the following features:
• Cylindrical structure – Reaming shells have a cylindrical structure which is perfect for drilling, enlarging and stabilizing holes.
• Power source – The shells may have helical or straight boring edges aligned at straight angle along the cylindrical body. The power source basically provides force needed to rotate the reaming shells.
• Diamond grit surface – For increased efficiency in ensuring hole-stability during the boring process, diamond grit reaming shells have become the most obvious choice. These options combine efficiency with strength and the shells last longer than competition. The diamond makes these shells perfect for any type of strata.

Buying reaming shells
The overall quality of holes drilled using reaming shells varies depending on a number of process variables. Material being reamed, reamer design and material, machine movement, speed and direction are all variables that influence quality of the drilled hole. Controlling these variables is the key to achieving hole consistency and quality outcome. When buying reaming shells, it is important to evaluate the reamers quality and design as well as rotation. Reamers rotating in a counter clockwise direction are often more recommendable as they reduce breakage and stabilize the hole produced.

There are many reaming shell distributors to purchase from. However, swift manufacturing ltd guarantee top quality durable constructions that will meet you requirements. Reamers with gauge monitoring and maintenance are highly recommended and will prevent the need for expensive remodeling and boring processes. They ensure the barrel is constantly in optimal drilling condition and setup.


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