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Diamond is the most desired mineral, this can greatly be attributed to its outstanding physical qualities. Its superlative characteristics are as a result of strong covalent bond between carbon bonds. This makes it to be hard and to have good thermal conductivity which makes it helpful in different industrial operations. Invention of cvd diamond chemical vapour deposition to synthesize diamond has greatly impacted on the availability and physical properties of this precious stone. Unlike natural diamond, cvd diamond is synthetically produced under high temperature and high pressure deposition of hydrogen and carbon. The end result is diamond that has better thermal, optical, mechanical and optical characteristic.

CVD can simply be described as the process of getting gaseous carbon atoms to settle in stable crystalline form. The major challenge of this procedure is the allotropic characteristic of carbon which leads to the formation of graphite during the synthesis. However this problem is overcome by suppressing the formation of graphite bonds by use of large amounts of thermal hydrogen. CVD is an improvement High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) technique of diamond synthesis. The major drawback of HPHT technique is that it leads to formation of small and irregular shaped diamond. This process has made it easy and economical to produce a desired quality of diamond by varying the synthesis conditions.

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cvd diamond
chemical vapour deposition
cvd diamond
chemical vapour deposition
cvd diamond
chemical vapour deposition
cvd diamond
chemical vapour deposition
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round cvd diamond
chemical vapour deposition
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chemical vapour deposition
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chemical vapour deposition
cvd diamond
chemical vapour deposition

Using CVD techniques can produce diamond crystals of up to 15 centimeters diameter. Future improvements of this technique will lead to formation of crystals with varied physical characteristics for improved applications. Chemical Vapor Deposition diamond can be of different shapes and colours, most used shapes are round, square, triangle and pyramid. However with modifications of the synthesis process different shapes can be arrived at. This is unlike natural occurring diamond which is of a low diameter and has an irregular shape.

CVD diamond has varied outstanding characteristics which makes it to have a variety of uses. It is the hardest known metal and this makes it to be very useful in many industrial processes. It has the ability to resist scratch from other metals and this is rated on a scale from one to ten. The hardness depends on purity, orientation and crystalline perfection. This means that hardness can be varied to suit different applications. This makes it to have a varied industrial use some of which include cutting and polishing other metals. CVD diamond can also be used as a thermal conductor, in pressure resistance experiments, jewelry, surgical equipments, stone cutting and in automotives.


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