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Home >> Core barrels >> WLH3 Series Triple Tube Core Barrels

Triple tube core barrels: WLH3 Series Triple Tube Core Barrels

WLH3 Series Triple Tube Core Barrels
WLH3 Series Triple Tube Core Barrels
Size Hole(mm) Core (mm)
WLH3 95.6 61

1. Head Assembly
2. Pump-Out Adaptor
3. Piston Plug
4. O Ring
5. Core Ejection Piston
6. Split Tube
7. Inner Tube
8. Stop Ring
9. Core Lifter
10. Core Lifter Case
11. Locking Coupling
12. Adaptor Coupling
13. Landing Ring
14. Outer Tube
15. Inner Tube Stabilizer
16. Thread Protector
WLH3 Series Triple Tube Core Barrels  

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